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Feb 01, 2023

Project Showcase - Modern Coastal Villa in Quinta da Marinha

Quinta da Marinha
Iconic Designs

One of the best parts of a redesign project is getting the chance to know our clients and bring their unique narratives to life within the canvas of a room.

This project was a testament to this creative process. We were fortunate to work with a client who possessed a crystal-clear vision of their ideal space. Every element was meticulously planned, and their bold imagination drove the transformation.

Servànt`s role was to curate the perfect pieces to bring this vision to life, prioritizing both personality and top-notch quality. Our aim was to ensure continuity throughout the spaces and provide pieces that would stand the test of time, just like the story they were meant to tell.

Living and Dining Area

At the heart of the living area lies the captivating On The Rocks sofa, designed by Francesco Binfaré for Italian brand Edra. It`s a bold statement, striking the perfect balance between comfort and innovation. This centerpiece invites the family to enjoy every aspect of their living space, whether they`re looking out on the serene outdoor area or getting cosy, framed by characteristic wall lamps of DCW éditions

The dining area is subtly separated by a dynamic shelving unit featuring rotating bookshelves from Porada. In line with the client`s style preferences, the area exudes a modern, airy, and minimalist ambiance, with glass and metal as predominant materials, ensuring an uninterrupted view of the lush greenery outside.

Upstairs Area

Moving upstairs to the bedrooms, you`ll find yourself walking through a grand modern staircase with a statement chandelier and a modernist painting by artist Alex K. Smith. This contemporary aesthetic is beautifully complemented by a soft custom-made carpet from Portuguese producer Ferreira de Sá that gracefully hug the stairs.

This sense of softness and sophistication continues to define the bedrooms. The master suite boasts a bed from the Bubble collection by Sacha Lakic, complemented by curved leather finished nightstands from FLOU. Adding a touch of allure, the Atomic Ceiling Lamp by Delightfull catches the eye with its distinct design. 

In the guest room, you`ll discover a fusion of modernity and natural elements, highlighted by an organic side table from Erba.


The outdoor area is where the essence of Portuguese living truly comes alive. This space has been designed with the client’s family in mind, centered around the pool. It`s a carefully planned oasis that offers various zones against the backdrop of Portugal`s beautiful natural surroundings. 

The parents can relax and watch their children safely play in the pool, thanks to the adjustable floor, from the comfort of Roda`s elegant outdoor lounge set that invites relaxation and conversation, while Tribbu’s lounge chairs provide a comfortable escape for sunbathing or stargazing. The large daybed designed by Mittica offers a private retreat for relaxation or quality family time.

As you step onto the first-floor terrace, you`ll be greeted by the view over the lush garden. Comfortable outdoor armchairs create an intimate space for reflection and conversation. 

A functional standing table from Slide adds a playful touch, and a battery-operated lamp from Zafferano keeps the space inviting well into the evening.

At Servànt, we aim to design spaces that effortlessly integrate our client`s lifestyle, functionality, and personal style. This project demonstrates our dedication to modern living, harmoniously woven into the natural beauty of Portugal.

Outdoor Dining Area

The dining area within our Quinta da Marinha project commands special attention due to its exceptional shade solution. This innovative sunshade not only provides protection from the sun but it also heats, cools and enlights with undeniable style.

Introducing LEAF, a brilliant creation by the Belgian luxury brand, Heatsail. This design company has truly redefined the realms of luxury lighting and heating. LEAF`s graceful design is not just a smart solution but also a piece of future-proof art that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Spa Area Mancave

The spa area centers around the Yoku S Infrared sauna from Effe, a place designed for relaxation. As you enter, your attention is drawn to the elegant book-matched black Kenya marble that adorns the walls and floor, adding a touch of sophistication. The client opted for copper finishes in the bathroom`s hardware, bringing a sense of refinement to the space.

Together, these elements create an opulent sanctuary, inviting you to take a break and relax. Project by main contractor and works coordinator Frame Projectos, civil construction Engferr. Servànt played a crucial role by supplying the furniture, marble, sauna, and meticulously selecting all the hardware components and accessories.


Interplay of Objects

These striking and iconic pieces are arranged to create a narrative. Each piece tells its own story while harmoniously engaging with the others. In the study nook, you`ll find the Horm Casamania chair, inspired by Adam and Eve, alongside a furry armchair from Arflex and Edra’s full moon table with a stunning Alabaster top. Completing the ensemble is an iconic 1960s floor lamp, designed by Martinelli.



Step into the heart of entertainment. The mancave is situated just behind the house, allowing visitors to enjoy while ensuring the privacy of the house members. This space is entirely dedicated to leisure and relaxation, with the central attraction being a bar area featuring a stunning wine rack capable of holding over 200 bottles, a design by ByBeau.

The bar has undergone a breathtaking transformation, with bold granite Stromboli adorning its sides and top, setting the stage for a truly exceptional atmosphere. Adding to the allure are the elegant glass-shaped lamps from Italamp, while the bar chairs introduce a touch of copper sophistication.

For those who enjoy games, the meticulously placed pool table is conveniently located nearby, with the option to transform it into a locker table. Last, but certainly not least, custom brushed oak flooring from Foglie d’Oro finishes the space, ensuring it will last for generations.

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