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Oct 12, 2023

The Wooden Canvas: A partnership with Italian luxury flooring brand Foglie d'Oro

In October, Servànt proudly hosted its first Boutique Event, "The Wooden Canvas," in collaboration with Foglie D`Oro Parquet, showcasing a stunning array of luxury wooden flooring and wall panelling.

Foglie d`Oro, recognized as one of Italy`s distinguished brands in luxury wooden flooring, holds a genuine Italian story. With global acclaim, the company maintains strong ties to its local roots, an area known for its entrepreneurial talent and strong work ethic.

The brand, a benchmark for premium-quality wood floors, has its origins in the production of artistic furnishings dating back to 1966. Foglie d`Oro is a direct heir to the cabinet-making tradition of the Republic of Venice, famed for exporting fine creations throughout Europe.

What sets Foglie d`Oro apart is its complete control over the wood production and supply chain, ensuring maximum quality. The company is the only one in its sector capable of managing all production steps, from sourcing raw materials to crafting made-to-measure solutions.

The `Wooden Canvas` event at Servànt not only showcased Foglie d`Oro`s impressive range but also marked the beginning of an effort to connect industry professionals and introduce valued clients to esteemed partners. Nuno Antunes, a representative from Foglie d`Oro, conducted an insightful information session during the event, followed by a delightful session of Bubbles and Bites offered by Servànt.

Beyond being a mere showroom, Servànt aspires to be a collaborative hub for innovation, inspiration, and collaboration in the world of interior design and luxury furnishings.

This event is the starting point for a series of exclusive gatherings that Servànt plans to host in the future, aiming to unite industry professionals, foster meaningful connections, and ignite collaborations. 

Explore Foglie d’Oro’s offerings and samples at Servànt`s showroom for a glimpse into a world where luxury meets innovation and stay tuned for updates on upcoming Boutique Events, where Servànt will unveil the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic world of design.

Event photography by Bernardo Reis

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