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May 10, 2024

Servànt x Lisbon Design Week 2024 - Vasco Fragoso Mendes

Thursday, May 23
from 18h to 21h 
Largo de Santos 11, 1200-109, Lisbon
free entrance 

Vasco Fragoso Mendes

Wood is sometimes referred to as the natural element which has the strongest attachment to life itself, as it breaths and lives to produce green, and dies turning into grey and brown, the cycle of decay, dust. 

Raw is what BARRACÃO is. A tailor-made design studio which produces singular, original and surprising furniture pieces made completely by hand. 

Cut by precision, caressed by stubbornness, transformed by serendipity, each piece is not only unique, but universal. Each piece has an imprint, a trademark, a trendless, timeless beauty.

A particular DNA.


Through a functional approach, the work evolves into a geometrical design having in mind the beauty of wood’s characteristics.

"The careful thought for the things we cannot control and how I can merge them into my work." says Vasco.

Having such a big architectural background, most of the projects sketches are done in facade or cross section views.This makes the other sides a mystery at the start of the idea.

The bidimensional side of the drawing makes the piece’s volume to be a discovery along the process, either for its functionality or by the imprint and beauty of the raw material.

This exhibition explores different stories within Barracão. From the first bookshelf, to his newest piece, the large dining table in burned mahogany wood.



EXHIBITION: May 22nd to 26th
MEET THE ARTIST: Thursday, 23th from 18h to 21h
ADDRESS: Largo de Santos 11, 1200 - 109, Lisbon
Free entrance



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