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Ode Rosae
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Ode Rosae

Celebrating the regal presence of the rose, the unrivaled sovereign of gardens; revering the unbridled strength of its wood, surrendering to its delicacy.

Culti Milano


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The aesthetic essence of the CULTI STILE line represents a sense of purity and sophistication.

The sensual, perfumed nights of Marrakech. An ancient essence of Moroccan rose, strong, heady, and untamed, infiltrates the senses, meandering through an olfactory labyrinth winding through gardens, carrying blackcurrant and osmanthus, with a verdant note of vetiver. For those who wish to lose - or find - themselves in these fragrances.

Bottles made of glass featuring ivory-colored labels and caps crafted from natural maple wood.

Olfactory family: floral

Facet: floral

Olfactory notes: cassis, osmanthus, moroccan rose, vetiver, tonka bean

Season: spring/summer/autumn/winter

Location: living room, private areas, study, bedroom

Created: 2008

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