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Jan 30, 2024

JLL Partnership: A Showcase of Luxury Living

Staging and Interior Design by Servànt

Prime Selection Real Estate by JLL

Servànt`s partnership with JLL reflects our commitment to top-notch furniture and premium services. Through Prime Selection by JLL, we seamlessly blend luxury living with our distinctive brands and services, laying the foundation for future projects. Our aim is to aid potential homeowners in envisioning a property`s potential and highlight our capabilities.

After the purchase, we continue in supporting homeowners in customizing the property to their needs, encompassing everything from furniture to flooring, bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring it truly feels like home.

The apartment in Avenida 5 de Outobro is a beautiful architectural work that allows for the designer and homeowner to give centre stage to the art and life created within. Clean lines and minimalistic use of materials and colours, such as grey panels in the hallway and warm wooden flooring throughout, allow the inhabitant to create an atmosphere that is fully authentic to their personality through furniture, art and other design details. The star of the show is without a doubt the incredible view from this penthouse, with a terrace fully stretching along one side of the living area.

The vision for this project was to create a space that seamlessly blends luxury, comfort, and minimalism. Drawing inspiration from nature, Servànt designer Zoé aimed to mirror the harmonious color palette of beige, brown, and green to evoke tranquility. The incredible view served as a guiding element, keeping the furniture low to emphasize the landscape. Tactility was crucial - The interplay of textures adds depth and tactile richness — soft fabrics and high-quality materials ensure the space feels like a comforting hug.

The Servànt approach is about bespoke design, high-end brands, and a balance between aesthetics and rationality. Servànt is an ambassador of delivering the highest quality materials and service, from the flooring and furniture, to the softest carpets and linen.

The foundation of the living area is the large rug from the Italian brand Baxter, with its softness and artisanal details. Integrating authentic and contemporary pieces, like Frigerio`s woven ropes and warm wooden curves, along with artisanal objects from 101 Copenhagen, contributes to a cozy atmosphere. 

Modern elements, including the incredibly comfortable sofa from Edra and a dining table from Lago, complete the look. Creating an atmosphere is about finding a delicate balance between the past and the present. 

In the bedroom, the focus shifted to creating a cozy retreat. Soft lights, gentle colors, and warm wood define the space, emphasizing comfort and relaxation. 

The furniture from Molteni feels like it almost fully blends into the space. The design philosophy seamlessly extends, ensuring every element contributes to a sense of peace and well-being.

Ricardo Pinto

Residential Sales Consultant at JLL Residential

Mikhail Shatov


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