Bem-vindo visitante de outro país!

Adriani e Rossi was born in 1990 and began designing and producing objects, initially for merchandising in the furniture sector and then transformed in a distribution company in Italy and abroad. The only company in the world which produces in “Total Look”, that is any material, glass, ceramic, wood, carpets, , paintings, wallpaper, metal in the same style, all strictly “Made in Italy or Europe”. The real and recognized brand of the company is the image of these two little dogs. In 2011 we have received the honorable mention at the Compasso d’Oro, the most important award of design in the world.

I believe the design
provides a perfect emotional experience.
The light, the use of materials, the choice of colours,
the selection of furnishings and the works of art
are coordinated together to create a
perfect environment, room or building.

Stefano Adriani – the founder